Massage Treatments

HEATED STONE THERAPY                                                          $80/hr           $135/1.5hr

Heated stone therapy is perfect for clients who require pressure but are not able to tolerate it. The hot stones are in the therapist’s hands while massaging and the heat of the stones penetrates your muscles to provide a deeper, more soothing massage. Pressure points release with ease—almost like they are melting away. Stones are strategically placed on areas of the body that are not being massaged to ensure an all-over sense of relaxation.

SEASHELL MASSAGE                                                                       $80/hr         $135/1.5hr  

Unlike our Heated Stone massage, the Seashell Massage is light weight and uplifting. Shells add new sensations, techniques and energy to a standard massage. They can be used either warm or cool to relieve muscle soreness. Their smooth surfaces and contoured shapes gently smooth away stress and tension. In a short time, you will be experiencing a new luxurious experience.                                                                                                                                                

RELAXATION MASSAGE                                                                  $70/hr            $105/hr

This massage is based on Swedish massage techniques and consists of slow rhythmical manipulations. The focus of this massage is to relax and recharge.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE                                                                    $80/hr         $115/1.5hr

This massage focuses in your tension areas and releases your trigger points to relax the muscles. Deep friction may be used to break down adhesions from over use on the tendon attachments.

AROMATIC ESSENTIAL OIL MASSAGE                                                                     $80/hr

This massage uses Essential oils blended with a carrier oil of your choice to create a desired effect. My personal favourite is Vanilla and Neroli. But the choice is yours!



MASSAGE ADD-ONS: Body Treatments are like “Facials for the Body”

 1 – Dry Brushing:                                                                                                                $10       assists the lymphatics to open its channels in order to rid the body the building of toxins. It also provides mild exfoliating.                  
 2 – Cranberry Scrub:                                                                                                         $25         great for the sensitive and aging skins. An excellent anti-oxident, it moisturizes with a heating enzymatic effect wrapped up to detoxify.