Body Treatments


This 100% Natural Micronized Cranberry body wrap will entice your senses. Cranberry will enhance your skin with its high quality anti-oxidants and moisturizing ingredients for the protection and the stimulation of skin functions. The active ingredients in this treatment are tannins, omega 3, polyphenols, and tocotrienols. Anti-oxidants are used by the body to soak up free radicals which create genetic damage, causing aging. Cranberries have been found to be the richest source of anti-oxidant phenols. Cranberry body treatment segments include dry brushing, cranberry body polish, cranberry wrap, and finishes off with a relaxing moisturizing body milk full body massage.      

With an 1/2 hour massage, procedure takes 2 1/2 hrs/ $150.                                 With a 1 hr massage, procedure takes 3 hrs/ $180.



The Dead Sea Mud Wrap starts out with the exfoliating dry brushing, continues with a dead sea salt glow body polish, and then with a Dead Sea Mud body wrap which deep cleanses and re-mineralizing to balance the skin. It helps skin to renew and regenerate thus it is deemed an anti-aging agent that increases cellular metabolism which aids in the removal of toxins, relaxes muscles and helps skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. A full body massage using hydrating a moisturizing body milk completes this treatment.    

 With an 1/2 hour massage, procedure takes 2 1/2 hrs/ $150.                                      With a 1 hr massage, procedure takes 3 hrs/ $180